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Too modest for the Western world and too provocative for the African homes they come from.

four 20-something year-old women struggling to navigate adulthood as 1st-gens and love & relationships as virgins(!).

virgins! trailer (1/4) | Meet Sara 'The Family-Honour Virgin'

Our Sudanese sis, Sara, is the type-A tough gyal you want by your side in the boardroom. A lawyer who truly loves the law, she is Muslim, conservative and the perfect daughter. The family secretary and babysitter, she handles the finances, important documents, homework and parent-teacher meetings for her siblings.

virgins! trailer (2/4) | Meet Delina 'The Bride-of-Christ Virgin'

Our Eritrean sis, Delina is an A+ Christian. Miskeen and oblivious to everything, she is an athlete and considers herself one of the guys, but that's not how they feel about her. The hardest working of them all. She has no ego scrubbing floors to pay her rent and is always fighting to pay the bill.

virgins! trailer (3/4) | Meet Amina 'The Apprehensive-Queer Virgin'

Our Somali sis, Amina has a lot going on. Queer, femme and semi-lapsed Muslim, she is also brilliant and resourceful. Amina has built a young career in the underpaid and overworked sector of public arts where she low-key runs things. Unrelenting in her politics, she's 80% Malcolm X, 20% MLK.

virgins! trailer (4/4) | Meet Aby 'The Analytical Intellectual Virgin'

Our Ethiopian sis, Abyssinia, better known as Aby. Broke & bougie, Aby's immeasurable self worth is a mix of Kanye and Beyonce. She succeeds at everything she attempts that said, she never takes risks big enough that leave room for failure. Watch what happens when Aby is thrown into a situation that she can't back out of.

virgins! EP1: "The Box"

Episode 1 of virgins! is finally here! Episode 1 virgins! is a digital dramedy series about four 20-something year old women navigating adulthood as millennials and love & relationships as virgins in Toronto.